Monday, June 2, 2014

last day in KY

All right! My Kentucky relaxation has come to an end. It's been nice having many good nights of sleep, and time spent not fueling up my car every day, but if I don't move then I don't go anywhere, so time to get a move on! Southwards back into Tennessee. There is a Trader Joe's in Lexington, so I'll swing by there and get some food stuffs. It look like a minimum of four hours to get to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Not bad! Then I'll zag down to Alabama then do a loop through Florida, then up into Georgia, then the East Coast leg of my journey will be underway. It's all happening so fast!

Anyway. Dee & I spent a lot of time watching movies and snacking and eating. But that's good. Good to get those full meals. Good to get froyo with a pal-ski. Good to watch Temple of Doom and How To Train Your Dragon for the first time. I'll be sad to leave, but I don't want to 1) overstay my welcome and 2) give Dee some time during their weekend to themselves. I know how it can be to spend all your free time with others and want some time to yourself but nope straight back to work!

So yeah, it was a lot of hanging out. Dee doesn't live near downtown and anything downtown would be an apparent fuss to park, so I just rolled with my host.

Next you hear from me, I'll be else where.

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