Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dee's Place

5/30/2014 Dee’s Place

Wonderful to spend time with a friend and to have conversation flow effortlessly. It’s nice to have breaks from being in my head for so many hours on the road. I don’t know when I’ll leave Kentucky. Might be here another night.

Had a good long sleep in. I fell asleep really quickly. Sleeping in a car just doesn’t cut it for well rested sleep. We had our morning tea and then went to a Thai food place for lunch. It was scrumptious and I ended up with left overs. That’s a good deal right there. Lexington has a street named Man o’ War, and it’s set up like a wheel with ring roads and spokes. Pretty nifty layout. Dee took me to Sqecial Media (with a Q) which was a sort of hippie knick knack stationary cool art book shop. A nice little place. Then we got boba tea and played Yahtzee in the tea store. I won the first by 3 points, and Dee won the second by about 20.

There was a quickie Wal Mart trip and I got some more ice as the New Orleans ice I got from the hotel vending machine had melted. At home Terry, Dee’s mum, wanted dinner so she put in an order to a barbecue place and we picked it up. Ribs, Texas toast, mac n cheese, and just… piles of food. So good! We just gorged and it was all so warm and tasty and wonderful. We watched some Netflix (Red Dwarf and The Family) and as Dee has work in the morning, it was called an early night. I’ll go do some stuff in Louisville tomorrow and come back in the afternoon/evening.

6/1/2014 Dee’s Place, still

It’s been nice to sleep all the way in continually. My body is getting some time to heal from whatever imaginary damage all the restless nights of car sleeping might incur. And getting ready for more restless nights. Also it’s great to be with a friend, but I think I’ve already said that.

So I got a late start heading out, due to the sleeping in and being on the Internet and whatnot. Then I set out for Louisville! I parked in a parking structure, and took the ticket, but there was no way to pay the ticket when I left…well no obvious way. And no one was in the vestibule. So hopefully some Louisville fine doesn’t show up in the mail later. Anyway, I went to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, which wasn’t the full distillery but they had a small batch barrel a day one there. It was a tour that had a video with renactors being Evan Williams and co back in the day. The brand Evan Williams has nothing to do with the man, it’s just taking his name because it’s a good historical name. But the Heaven Hill distillery has been around for years. They are the people that make the stuff. Anyway. There was a video and some history and a breakdown of the process of distilling. Good to learn more about the process. And there was a tasting, and the glasses were in this secret cupboards in the tables, so when you lifted the section of table up, the glasses emerged. Pretty nifty! There were two more aged samples to try. Some dudes in a bachelor party drank all of theirs before they went through the tasting, and they were treated to refills. From the other distillery I went to, I knew there was a way they wanted us to do the tasting. So I was good and didn’t glug glug glug it all. And it was good stuff. Very warming. But not much. Obviously they aren’t going to give whole shots to every member in a 20 person tour. So that was fun. The gift shop had this spicy apple grilling sauce that was REALLY GOOD. I didn’t buy any because then I’d have to tote it with me for months before I could use it. I’ll just have to order it later and have Dad grill me a burger with it.

I wandered around downtown for a little bit. Swung by the Louisville Slugger museum, but entrance was more than I wanted to pay for something that barely fascinates me. But I did get a crushed penny in the museum lobby and snap a picture of the world’s largest bat.

I swung by the Jim Beam Distillery too, but it was closed (by a few minutes). Which was fine, I just wanted a few pictures anyway. Sometimes distilleries do start to look alike, and I had a tasting of the only bourbon that really matters to me. So I headed back to Lexington. And I made the mistake of listening to my GPS when it told me to take backgrounds.

Then my GPS stalled and then it couldn’t get service. Then it was referencing my Atlas time and going East and hoping I’ll find a “this way to Lexington” sign. And I did get back, it just took 30 more minutes than it should have.

I was treated to Steak n Shake for dinner. I had the mint oreo shake with the bacon and horseradish and crispy onion burger. Pretty tasty, and not a huge challenge burger, so it was well eaten. The server called Dee & I darling and sweeties and love and all sorts of things. It bugs Dee but I’m not used to that sort of manner. West Coasties are pretty…well they are nice but not overly friendly in that manner. Properly stuffed we went home and watched TV.

Brunch was Waffle House. Hitting up all the regional chains in Lexington! No horse burgers though. You’d think horse capital would have horse meat, but nope. Now I think we’ll get froyo or something. Tomorrow I’ll head out once again into the southern yonder.

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