Tuesday, May 6, 2014

last day in Zion

“What can I start you with?” “I’ll have the meat lovers and hot tea.”

5/6/2014 8:16 am MeMe’s Café, Springdale

Thus begins another long blog entry, written whenever and posted whenever. The café does not have wifi, but ehhh I don’t really care. Now I know I can just hover outside the bar at the end of the day and get their internet. Today I am going to take on Angel’s Landing. One of the more strenuous hikes. I’m starting with a big breakfast, and I’m going to load up my watercolors and markers. No ink. Not for now.

Angel’s Landing and work on my Junior Ranger Badge.

6:59 pm Zion Canyon Brewpub

I wanted to use a power cord. And do the Internet thing because I’ll be driving again come tomorrow. Don’t want to leave Zion, but I could really spend a whole week here. But I must be on my way.

So in town showers at $5 for 5 minutes! That is such bull!

After a sizeable crepe breakfast, I drove up the scenic route again. Just wanted to let my tummy settle before I set out on a hike. There were several classic cars on the drive. Including cars with fins! My favorite. I didn’t get any photos of them, on account of driving my car when I saw the cars and that being a dangerous thing to do.

So I returned to my campsite, loaded up art supplies which I ended up not using, worked on my Junior Ranger packet. Once I completed as much of it as I could at my site, I walked to the visitor’s center and continued working on it. Then I headed up to The Grotto shuttle stop and began the trek to Angel’s Landing. It would be a 5 mile round trip, though really it’s 2.5 up then the same 2.5 down. And when I say up, oh it was UP. It was a gradual paved meander, which got more and more vertical, then it started switchbacking. I would look up and see people high up on the cliff walls and think “that’ll be me in 20 minutes”. And I’d keep going. There was a part where it was flat as the trail cut between two cliffs. And then the more intense switchbacks started to happen. One after another. Up, up, up. I was stopping regularly and catching my breath and drinking water. There was a dad with his two kids (aged 3-5ish) in a stroller! He was taking them DOWN from the TOP! He had his dad helping (with a rope tied around his waist). I told them they were hardcore.

The top isn’t actually the end. There is another .5 miles to Angel’s Landing. But that half mile is up a cliff with chains to hold on to. Nuh uh. I’m not Nathan. I wasn’t doing that. So I caught my breath. Took some photos. Rested. And then headed back down. Downhill is so nice. I took plenty of pictures and encouraged people to keep going. It was worth it. It was a hard trek up, but damn it was worth it.

I worked on my junior ranger book some more and took the shuttle the long way back (the rest of the loop, instead of the fast track). I returned to my tent. I put my feet up and rested a bit. Then I headed into Springdale to grab some eats and use their wifi. And now after about 2 hours, I think I’m ready to head back to my site and tuck in for the night.

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Anonymous said...

Junior ranger, yay! You are right, $5 showers is so wrong. That dad with a stroller might not be hard-core; he might end up in one of those horrible deaths in the national parks books. You notice the wife wasn't along. She was probably considering the pros and cons of divorce! xoxomummy