Saturday, May 10, 2014

a day in ABQ

Had a nights sleep with no wind gusting my tent off or rain. That was nice. I woke up really early though. My body is hours behind. Or ahead? Or something. I don't know. I'm actually looking forward to setting up my tent. I like amenities, but there is something nice about being wrapped in blankets inside a sleeping bag. Nice isn't the right word for it, but I've been enjoying it. Tomorrow I am shooting for Mesa Verde. GPS says 4 hours. I want to check out the balloon museum first. So I'll set an alarm and try to get out of here at a good early hour.

Rosi and Perry are amazing. Such kind, wonderful people. I'm glad to have such a broad family that is largely inclusive and excellent.

Perry scrambled me some eggs with salami for breakfast, and I had a cuppa tea.

Then we went for a little drive around Albuquerque. Perry took me to some of the Breaking Bad filming locations (at my request and I provided the addresses as he hasn't seen Breaking Bad). I saw the dam where the pick up happened, and I saw Walter and Skylar's house and Hank and Marie's. That was cool. They are just tucked in neighborhoods, like any other house.

I showed Perry what a penny crusher is (he had no idea that penny crushing was a thing!) by using my penny crusher locator app and crushing a penny in the machine in this store in Old Town. We also checked out this great old church and had lunch at High Noon. We both had enchiladas.

He had an errand to run at 3, so we returned to the house. I mellowed out and wrote some postcards and had some more tea. Nice to sit and not have to be doing something.

Dinner was home made salmon burgers and home made tartar sauce and salad. Mmmm so good. So full. I ate so much today. If only the human body worked in such a way that you could eat a lot for one day and then not much at all for the next few days. We hung around and chatted. Their home is really nice and open, with great views. It'll be fun to see all these different kinds of architecture as I go east. The stucco adobe style is new to me.

I decided to see the 10:10 showing of Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive. It's this artsy vampire movie with Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. The music and visuals were solid. It was a vampire movie lacking the main vampire stuff, like attacking people and gore and gratuitous feeding scenes. I dug it. Now I need to put the ticket stub somewhere safe, to save it with the rest of my stubs.

So. Balloon museum & the four corners & mesa verde. It's a big day tomorrow!

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