Friday, May 2, 2014

bruised but not burnt

I've done it! I've left Santa Cruz. My journey has begun. I feel like I have far too much stuff, but it's only been a day. Once I start using stuff, things will be organized better. I've already pulled a few items and tucked others. And maybe if I meet up with Ma & Pa, I can send them back to Washington with a few things. Or just mail things. Depends how cumbersome I start to find all my things.

I got ice for my cooler when my peanut butter was almost in a liquid state. The cooler make keep things from being 100 degrees, but it won't keep it cool.

Anyway, I'm skipping around. I'm currently in Los Angeles. It is 7:30 pm. I am at Caffe Martier in the Glendale Galleria. I picked this place because Courtney Coles, PNCA alumni and general awesome person, works here. She's great. And I'm probably going to crash at hers at the end of the day. But I'm skipping ahead once again.

SO! I left Santa Cruz! The sun had set when I departed, and it was proper dark when I procured my cooler from Wal Mart. I topped off my tank and tires at the Shell station, talked to Tara (we never had a full proper goodbye) and then I was off! Once I got past Monterey, it was all new road. I was missing what was surely beautiful scenery by navigating in the dark. But it was nice to take on the winding Route 1 roads at my own pace. I went past Big Sur. I started to have less headlights coming at me. I pulled off the road at 11pm. I knew the ocean was to my right. I could hear it, and I could see an absence of something. I changed into pajamas, rearranged my car, threw the seat back, wrapped myself in blankets and read a bit. Oh and I also took in the grandeur of the stars. That is one thing I'm really looking forward to: stars, sunsets, and sunrises.

The May 2nd sunrise was obfuscated by fog. It was a gray that unveiled the grand Pacific Ocean. I could see my little road winding before me. I had a long journey ahead of me, but I was free to go at my pace.

And since I was starting before 8am, I really had no urgency. I put on fresh underwear and a new shirt, brushed my teeth, and set off into the early morning. Traffic was light, and the weather was beautiful. All sunshine, ocean, and hills. I stopped in Cambria and bought some tea and a cinnamon roll. I ate those and walked around the town and took advantage of the cell reception. I saw the Nitt Witt Ridge, which was this funky house but the first tour of the day wasn't for a while. I continued on the road. I stopped in Morro Bay and got the sand between my toes. I just love the Pacific Ocean. I'll be sad to put my back to it. I was on 101 for a while. Through hills. I saw gas for under $4 so I topped off.

In Ventura, I went to the Channel Islands National Park and got my travel journal stamped. I watched the info video. I walked along the beach. I made myself a PB & J. I bought ice for my cooler and headed off for LA. Good and proper LA. 101 slowed to a crawl for such a long while. I parked (yay free parking) packed up my backpack, smacked myself in the face with the edge of my car door on accident, and strolled into the fancy mall looking very scruffy.

I bought an iced mocha because Courtney apparently makes very good ones. I do agree that it was VERY good. I enthusiastically consumed it. Courtney and I talked during her break. And now I am that person on their computer in a coffee shop who has only ordered one drink. I wonder how many times I'll be that person?

But yeah. I got a car full of stuff. Gotta do something with it! But if I end up setting up camp for several days, then I can unpack my more heavy duty art supplies and utilize them.

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