Tuesday, April 29, 2014

wow what a gross movie, I love it

I'm watching Dead Alive/Braindead right now and omg. It's a 1992 Peter Jackson movie and it's so weird and gorey and gross and just. Omg. And Jed Brophy, who played Nori, is in it! And it's so weird and gross and absolutely just... strange.

Saturday Garth and I got Thai food for lunch/breakfast. I finally found a place that makes larb in the proper way! Not the weird way like with that place in Portland with the drag queens. Then I headed back and worked on packing. Didn't have to make a lunch food item run! Didn't have to go to bed early! Though I still did. Had to get on with the major packing, after all!

I made three runs to my storage unit today (Monday). And I reorganized it to make more room. Not sure how to assess what I have now. Like, what is the best way to organize some of this stuff. I guess I should focus on getting all the furniture out, and then sort the tidbits.

I'm just going to trash my bed frame, because 1) it was cheap to being with 2) the bolts are stripped so I can't take it apart anyway. It's not really worth saving and the effort to give it away on Craigslist is just. Well it's effort.

So I packed and ate pasta and packed and stowed stuff away. I have some errands to run, so I'll work on that tomorrow. Gotta change my address and mail some stuff. And check out the cooler selection at Big 5. I want to meet up with the pals at 99 Bottles, so I have to get stuff done earlier in the day.

Damn Dead Alive is so weird holy crap.

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