Sunday, November 24, 2013

chocolate oranges are at Trader Joe's. Yaaay!

Today I:

  • Trimmed my bangs. They are nice and blunt now! I like my bangs straight across.
  • Bought a space heater. My room doesn't stay warm, all the heat just goes right out of it. And when I turn the heat in the house on, the upstairs goes to an uncomfortable 70 and I'm like...not even really cozy. So I bought a space heater to use to heat my little room. At least the space isn't big.
  • Bought pulled pork ingredients. I think I bought the right cut of pork for the recipe. So that'll be what I try to achieve tomorrow.
  • Did my makeup all pretty like again.
  • Watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, which was awesome! Tennant is so good! I wished the other Doctors had cameos (well the surviving ones). But overall it was super fun to behold. Such great actors!
  • Walked around a bit. Well mostly just to Target and back. And then Trader Joe's and back. But still, nice to get out of the house.
  • Discovered that the Trader Joe's spring rolls are pretty ... meh. Edible, but nothing special.
  • Slept in. It was nice. And my knee isn't hurting. I'm tempted to buy a brace though. Those make it better on those days when it is bad, right?
  • Watched some other telly.
  • A pretty good Saturday.

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Nice look! xoxomum