Thursday, October 3, 2013


A lovely short day at work! Hurray! I cleaned the remaining screens and reclaimed them, so now there is a full racks worth to coat tomorrow! The exposure room will be full again! We are on top of things. WHooo.

And I coated the screens from yesterday. It's nice to have these catch up days. Listened to The Wise Man's Fear. I'm entering the final few chapters of the book. It is so long and yet I don't want it to end! I think I'll relisten to Oryx and Crake, and then Year of the Flood and then MadAddam or whatever the third book is in the Margaret Atwood trilogy thingy. Yeah.

I made a trip to get chili supplies because the cold is coming and chili is needed for the cold! Trader Joe's lacks molasses and Worcestershire sauce, but it had everything else. I made a "sweeter" chili. More brown sugar, less spicy ingredients. I put it in the big pan and let it simmer, but dangit I want a crock pot to make chili in, so I went to Target (which is just, like, 2 minutes drive down the road) and bought a crock pot! A nice 6 quart one, though not uber nice. I'm not MADE of money! But yeah, it's shiny and red and lovely and MINE. I'm super stoked on it. So I went home and put the chili into the crock pot and set it to warm, and it sat and sat and was delicious. I had two bowls. Jeff had a bowl. Tara had a bit over some lettuce. Justen will probably have some heated up tomorrow. Yay for hungry housemates.

Now I need to look up crock pot recipes! PB&J's have gotten well and truly dull to consume day after day.

Still have to figure out what to do with my damned futon! It's so bulky and cumbersome. Ma and Pa, you wanna come get it? Or should I Craigslist it? Hmmrrnn.

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Anonymous said...

We were going to send you the Chia couch when the grass grows. Now it is mossy. Is it the denim one? I think the futon went with the metal couch/bed frame. Nathan has a fold out one as well but is maybe in storage. If it is the one that went with the Chia couch, get rid of it. If it is denim, hang on to it.