Sunday, September 29, 2013

hot days and hot tubs

Sorry for the lack of posts. I was tired and then I was busy having fun. So here we go!


This busy work week ended on a pretty good note. Jeff ran a couple small jobs and then was done (he got in at 7, so his leaving earlier than I was just a sign of different schedules). Then I broke down the press, cleaned some stuff, boxed the jobs, and pressed hats for several hours. Got a good chunk of The Wise Man's Fear listened to, but even then fiveish hours out of a 42 hour audiobook doesn't do much. There is a whole lotta story in this book. I know that Cryptonomicon is a 42 hour one, and I've seen that book. It's a brick.

Chris is visiting. Chris the former housemate who now lives in Portland, not my boss Chris. It's all sorts of confusing. Anyway. He is visiting so we drank beer and chatted. Justen gave us and Tara and lift to Charlie Hong Kong and we got take out and then returned home and drank more beer with our take away and sat around a little fire outside. That was nice. Then we tried to get the TV working to watch Spice World, but it didn't. Booo! Then it was late and we all went to sleep.


In the reluctant morning, I returned to Bixby Street. Joey was so excited to see me. So happy and loving. It broke my heart.

I removed the shelves off the wall, though they were there when I arrived I felt it probably best to take them down. One less thing for Janet to do. Also took down the mirror from the bathroom and cleaned the bathroom and my room. So much dust and dirt. UHhggg. Something got in my eye too, which made it quite the state for a while. I gave Janet a proper goodbye hug, turned in my key, called the landlord and left a message about getting my deposit back, and that was it. Sad.

Swung by Target and got a new clear shower curtain and raided their dollar candy. I also got some cashback to payback Chris for the takeout.

At home I washed out my eye that was bugging me and finished off my leftovers.

Had a good long conversation with Chris about life, the universe, and everything and then I met Davina the across the street neighbor who Chris knows. And she invited us over for wine and snacks. So I also met Eric her husband. They have a hot tub and a pool! Tara and Justen and Anna (Justen's lady) joined us at the neighbors and by the end of the night we were enjoying the hot tub and pool and everything was awesome! Really great night.

And I had a good solid sleep, which brings us to...


Slept in. Made some oatmeal and tea.... I shall edit this post when I get to the evening.

11:39pm edit:

It was a lovely day. I walked to Trader Joe's and got my food for the week. Made a grilled cheese sandwich. Said hello to Jeff and bye to Chris.

Watched the Breaking Bad finale. It's all done. Such an awesome show and now it is done.

A pretty chill day, all in all.

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