Friday, July 26, 2013


Started the day off by going to the post office and putting a package in the mail for Mom. Her birthday is tomorrow. Hopefully my gift will arrive soon. Yay Mom!

We started Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and it is narrated by Martin Freeman. Who just...his Zaphod is from New Yawk!! What the hell? It's just a really...not right voice for Zaphod. It doesn't fit like Douglas Adams or Stephen Fry's Zaphod. So we switched to Half Blood Prince. Stephen Fry is just great.

Boss gave me a 2.5 pound bag of gummy worms. I guess all my nagging about never getting perks from the candy store paid off! So many gummy worms. Hopefully they'll last through the weekend. If I finish the bag before the weekend is over...that is a lot of gummy worms.

We finished the job. It had to be partially boxed into tubs because parts of the job were going to different people, but then the rest was just boxed up. A good days work.

I burned some screens after that.

Worked on art when I got home. Though I'm behind...

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