Wednesday, June 1, 2016

bye bye bodi

And my internet is back in the game! I had my system scan going all day. Hopefully that cleared it up? But it's late and time for bed.

Yesterday I worked! And was on laundry so it was ... well laundry. Pulling sheets, making beds, pulling towels, washing towels, getting my order of operations mixed up...it was a lot. But today was a deep cleaning day so whatever was left had time to get finished today. I turned one room and started a deep clean on another. Got the espresso cleaned through and the scuff marks gone and the toilet seat removed and cleaned. Tomorrow will be a ho down on the grout. The hard scrubbing part of deep cleaning. The windows look really nice. As I told boss, it's amazing how dirty an immaculately clean room can be.

I dropped Bodi off tonight instead of tomorrow. It was more driving but it also spared me from doing more driving straight off a shift, and leaving Bodi alone when he needn't be. And I was able to pop my dogwatching money into the ATM so that's going into my account, yay. Stopped by Central Market and got another bottle of my beloved Kewpie mayo. And they had spam musubi in the hot case! Yum! Snacked on that.

Ma and Pa were still home when I got home yesterday. Shrimping wasn't so great which is a bummer. We ate hot dogs and I said bye to them.

Now it's just me again. Like always.

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