Friday, October 16, 2015

one year employed

Wednesday & Thursday & Friday

Wednesday I finally caved and bought a wifi booster. Drove into town just to run ONE stinkin' errand. I bought some toilet paper to make it a little bit more worth while. The booster connected just fine, but then came the test of plugging it in at my house (you initiate it near the router, then move it to where ever you need a few more bars/strength) and it worked! And not only did it connect but my internet has had a discernible improvement around the house. It shows up as five bars but I'd put it around 4 in terms of overall strength. I'm glad it worked because I'd hate to bother with returning it. Hopefully it continues to work, I still have time to return it.

Thursday I slept in and went into town to meet Ma and Pa for Crimson Peak. I loved the sets and costumes. Such beautiful design through and through. It was less spooky than I was anticipating, still cool though. Ma and Pa presented me with s'mores fixings and old papers of mine from school and a box of childhood photos. I certainly don't look like I used to!

Friday I met my boss at Hakata for a one year Jobiversary lunch celebration! We talked work and weddings and other things. I have such a nice, great boss. She's very appreciative. And she gave me a gift! A copy of #Girlboss SIGNED TO ME by Sophia Amoruso (the author)!! And she had a great story about getting it signed. Originally they said no personalization but she asked the author. Sophia wrote "always ask for what you want" on the front page. Booyah. And there was a gift card, but it was not from my boss and just a signing freebie. Though I have to spend a certain amount to utilize the discount. Hmmn. Bummer. Maybe I'll have that amount to blow by March, when it expires. There were some cool sunglasses on the website.

I swung by Trader Joe's and did a food run. Yay for munchies! Then went back home and did computer stuff and non computer stuff. Lots of parent time coming up in the next few days! And wood chopping. Hurray.

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