Thursday, April 23, 2015

onk kronk


I slept in as long as possible, and packed with no minutes to spare. But it all got in the car and at 11am off we departed for the great North. It was sunny and warm and the traffic was good. Just past Sacramento we stopped at the Colusa Wildlife Refuge Place, and spent two hours counting birds and peeping through scopes. There was a bird with a barfing dog type bird. Dad snapped some good pics. Onwards we drove. I read Seconds and had The Chambers of Secrets going on the radio. We stopped for the night in Mt. Shasta. A little motel room. Very little. Not much room. Room for two beds. We had dinner at Lily's. I had pasta, Dad had steak, Mom had beet salad. It was all tasty and filling and good to eat after such a long journey (I had a gas station hot dog earlier).

Dozed to sleep.


Left earlier than the latest allowed by the motel. More Harry Potter. No nature reserves. We stopped for lunch in Eugene. Specifically at Ninkasi Brewing, where the tasting room allows you to bring in outside food. So Ma and Pa got some quesedillas and I got a taster assortment and got to tasting. None would be my favorite beers (not like Sleigh'r) but it was fun to have that sampling. And it aided in me taking a good ol' nap after Eugene. We finished Chamber of Secrets. We listened to other things. It rained when we got into Washington, but it cleared up enough for us to get burgers at Big Bubba's in Allyn. After that break, it was home! Unpacked. Put on jammies. I went to bed and started watching stuff till late o'clock, then I slept.


Breakfast included hash browns, bacon, toast, and eggs. Mmm. I interneted for a while, then packed up to go home. I left my blanket though. Boo.

My house wasn't as cold as I expected it to be. I unloaded my car. I'm about 90% unpacked right now. I lounged. I nibbled. I relaxed. I tried to relax.

Lots of stuff going on in my life right now that I can't get into on my blog.

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