Saturday, August 2, 2014

in the art attic

I'm up in the attic while the ladies are getting their hair and makeup done for the wedding. I've done my own. Eyeliner, fuchsia lipstick, eyebrows. I wish my bangs were shorter, but I haven't trimmed them and it would leave too much hair to do so now.

Megan is getting married in 4 hours! It's so exciting. The venue is amazing. There is a tent over the food tables, and it's a 200+ person wedding. The weather is good. Did I mention it's on Megan's parent's property? So the ample back yard is all the wedding stuff. There is the dance floor. Not under tent tables. All the plates have names tied to the silver wear. There is a full force of people each doing their own task. Mine has been doing the white paint on the signs, while Kalee does the pencil layouts. So she pencils it in and I do the white bits. It's a good team and it cut down the time for that task a good amount. I'm glad I was able to help! I finished the program sign this morning (there wasn't time to print out programs, so we just made a sign with all the names). The rehearsal dinner food was make your own tacos! I had two with lots of filling and chips and guac and beans and rice. At the Westsider Cafe I had eggs benedict and two perogis on the side. There were 8 of us at the table and the table was covered with plates of food. Biscuits and gravy. Sausages. Toast. Chicken and waffles. Just plates of food, and good food, and ample portions, and priced really well! Stefan, Susan, Cody, Megan, Eric, Ivan, and Kalee and me made up the table. I was the first to pitch my tent back at the venue, but now there are about 10 tents. No one is pitched near me though. I was warned against being near the tree line due to poison oak being recently cut & poisoned back. I got back late to my tent after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy (I can't wait when it comes to some movies), and it was cozy and a bit cold, but not COLD cold. I was showered by 9 and got to finishing the final sign. Then I did my makeup and ate some coffee cake and had some coffee. Guardians of the Galaxy was fun! Dialogue a bit weak here and there, and it seems like it could have had 30 more minutes of character establishment, but it was fun and well shot and the actors are so great and holy crap special effects have advanced so far now!

So Megan Fix is getting married soon. I need to start taking pictures of the goings ons!

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