Thursday, July 24, 2014

guess I gotta go to Ohio

Figuring out Ohio. Not the most enthused as I look at the map and it's so much flat and little parks. But there is a National Park! Just not one with camping. So I guess I'll drive down into Ohio, avoiding the toll road, and stop at a park, camp, then go to the National Park tomorrow, then go back West like a good girl.

But Michigan! It's nice! And it cooled down a bit. Not so muggy, not so hot. I left Detroit, filled up my tank for .40 cents less a gallon than it was in New York, and hit the road for Grand Rapids. Well, Rockport/Rockfort. I met Megan, a school chum, at her Mom's house, where the back yard is being set up for their upcoming wedding. On the 2nd! It's a lovely property. It has a gracious back yard with trees, a patio for the dance floor, a swing set, laundry on a line, and an ample tree line. It will be a marvelous setting for a wedding. I helped string up lights for the dance floor. Deb, Megan's Mom, fed me some stir fry. Lovely people! I know I've been saying that a lot on this trip, but there are some really swell and kind and giving people out there, and I've only met a fraction of them.

The light stringing was fun. Not sure how much of a help I was, but I did help. Clothes lines had to be brought down to fulfill the wiring needs of the bauble lights.

Megan & Eric let me spend the night in their spare bedroom. Had another good night sleep under a roof. They've gone off to work, so I shall go off to Ohio. State #35.

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