Monday, June 23, 2014

Anita & Dan & Delaware and Wilson & Marc & Virginia

6/22/2014 7:48 pm Slaughter Beach, Delaware

I'm in Delaware! Number 23! Well 24 if you count Maryland, but I'm not quite counting it just yet, as I just drove straight through. After McDonald's I got in contact with Dan and Anita, who are in Delaware, and so I just was like "yo can I kick it at your place?" and they were like "yeah!". Dan and Anita had me over for Thanksgiving. Anita is Ryan's sister. So four hours, a bit of rain, the sun going down I was in Milford, Delaware! Driving around Washington DC was a trip. Just a ring road skirting it with lots of lanes and cars and everyone not going anywhere near the speed limit. And Maryland's state flag is totally an odd one out.

Anyhoo, I got in at 9:30ish and met them at Abbot's and met their friends and had a pint. It was nice to chill out. After long drives, I always have a bit of energy to come down from, so I'm all jittery when first talking. Jittery or hard to focus. Dan and Anita are spending time between this beach out that is being repaired and Dan's grandma's house (grandma lives in Santa Cruz). So it's two of grandma's properties and stuff. I forget all the specifics, but the point is one house has an eclectic collection and the other is being remodeled and we are split between both of them kinda... sleep at one, shower at the other. So after hanging at the eclectic house, we went to the other to crash for the night. I got the fold out couch and just conked out and it was amazing.

In the morning we went to the Starlight Diner and I got scrabble! And eggs and toast and home fries. Very filling and I did not consume it all, and priced pretty low for all that food. Scrapple. I mean scrapple. That is what I had. Regional food!

Then we caught a matinee of Edge of Tomorrow, which lacked shakey cam. And I didn't know it was going to be the kind of movie that it was. A neat scifi film. Hurray for more original scifi! Well made. Emily Blunt is awesome and Tom Cruise went against casting at the start of the film (played a bit of a coward).

Now we are back at the repairing house. I put my tent out earlier in the day and it was dry upon my return! I've got my tarp out now. So hopefully I'll be able to pack up my car in the old organization system.

Tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Wilson in Alexandria.

6/23/2014 7:55pm Wilson & Marc's apartment

I'm in Alexandria. Which is in Virginia. I can't break free of this state! But today has had awesome weather thus far so yay for that.

So last night in Delaware, we just sat about watching True Blood and eating food and having a good ol' time. Dan and Anita are fun company. We all talked at length about Orange is the New Black. In the morning we went to the Milford house and had our showers, then parted ways. I filled up my tank and went south to Alexandria. Easy drive, just really dense with traffic. Wilson is online friend #4 on this trip, and not a serial killer, just like the others! He is a reenactor and works on a boat and is a photographer and might go to Mongolia in a few years on a language expedition. Basically a cool, well traveled person. And he (and his boyfriend) are letting me crash here tonight and we (Wilson & I) are going to DC tomorrow!! Yaaay!

Wilson took me out for a little drive in his motorcycle. I sat in the sidecar! I've never been in a sidecar before and now I want to go again! We drove down GW Parkway and it was beautiful and perfect and I saw trees and we sat by the river and talked about travel and how to make travel work in different areas and that stuff. I need to get a sidecar so I can have someone drive me around in it. So much fun.

Look how cool I am!

Wilson, Marc, and I got food. Mmm big burger. Now we'll be hanging out and tomorrow Wilson and I are going up to DC!

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