Monday, July 8, 2013

Snape is such a creep

Boss was here today, doing last minute stuff before he departed. I worked solo today. Started by reclaiming a bunch of screens. Then I put away squeegees. I cleaned the press a bit. Taped a banner. Cut some stickers. Put some patches on screens. Burned a screen. Coated the dry screens. Taped that screen. Burned three more screens and double coated them. A full 8 hours. I think I'm missing something.

I also cleaned the inside of the windows in my car using the glass cleaner at work. The back window needed a good clean. I noticed that when I was washing my car....as much as I cleaned it still looked...not clean.

Anyhoo. At home I had some tea and pasta and was not productive like I ought to be.

My tea wish list is getting dangerously long. I should see how long it takes me to get through a bag before I buy more but the blends all sound so good. I had three cups of tea tonight! Two from my steeper gadget (which was really just two small cups from the same steep) and one with just a tea ball thingy. MMm tea.

Someone come visit and drink tea with me!

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