Saturday, October 15, 2016

break from blogging

I'm going to take a break from this blog through the rest of October. Maybe I'll pop in a bit earlier than that, I just don't have the energy to do this right now.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


It's been a week since I've updated. I worked during the week, and listened to podcasts. Now that we are doing solo work again, I've been on the podcast train. Choo choo. Read books in the tub, chilled. Nothing much. Then I had a four day weekend and I went to Seattle for a date weekend. I am testing out the different ways to park for free. This time I tested the "park at Karen's and walk to the ferry" way. Not a bad walk, but till a ~25 minute walk. Still, good to have my car in a place it'll be looked after. Bremerton ferry is a bit inconvenient. Less crossings than the Bainbridge, but I am able to walk to and from my car which I can't do in Bainbridge.

I arrived Friday night. I walked to Westlake, bought some sweets at Daiso. They didn't have calligraphy pens. Then got the link to Capitol Hill and got to John's place before he did. When he got back, we got some burrito and tacos and ate that and drank cider while watching Psycho. Great movie! I've never seen it before. Then it was bed time. In the morning we walked and got doughnuts and ate them with coffee. Mighty O doughnuts specifically. Poppyseed, raspberry, and french toast. All cut in half and shared. Yum. Then a second course of toast on top of fried egg with a perfect runny yolk. Then it was footyball time. I enjoy the camaraderie and the chanting and the "you're picking up my tab" of it all. And we listened to a table of jerks hit on ladies waaaaaaay out of their league.

And I got some bad news, but I won't and can't go into that now. For my own emotional health.

Once the Wolverines won, we swung by FedEx to pick up a package (a nice shirt for John). Then back to his place. I curled up on the couch to watch Futurama with my boyfriend. We had dumpling for dinner and watched The Neon Demon. Nice throughline with Psycho. John went to a circus workout and I stuck around at his place and drew comic and ate his yogurt and bread. When he came back, we went to the farmer's market and got fruits and veggies and quality bacon. Omelette and toast and bacon and Futurama. Then I got on the 5:35 ferry back to Bremerton. Rob picked me up at the ferry, which was nice of him.

Monday I just stayed in bed for a good long while. Chatted with Celia in the evening. Today I went to work and it was a finishing up after deepcleaning day. Turned a room, did the floors, made cookies, helped with deep clean.

Right now I'm at Karen's, She made dinner and I got to cuddle with Lily. I'm off work for the rest of the week, and maybe some more.

Monday, September 26, 2016

eggs, bacon, toast, and cartoons

 Looks like every five days is the norm now. I don't think I will keep this as a daily blog, I just am not invested in it like I used to be. But I will try to keep it at multiple times a week because I like having the record available. Soo... Thursday! I worked. Did a good job at it. Things are slowing down, so there are fewer rooms to turn every day, though there has been plenty of people coming in and out.

Friday was date day!
 And the weather made it so I wore layers instead of a cute dress. I parked in Bainbridge Island and Christa gave me a lift to the ferry. Hurray, no paying for parking!

I walked across and looked at the Kanken backpacks. Totes are nice but I kinda want a good backpack for overnight trips now that I'm going overnight in Seattle with more regularity. But the cheapest Kanken is just a bit too expensive and seems just a bit small. It's cute though. I know investing is good sense, because a cheap bag is a bag that'll fall apart and have to be bought again and at that point you've spent more than one good bag. But I still want to look around. I put the call out on Facebook and got some suggestions. The Poler looks nice! Actually, I think I'll....whooo I went onto Zappos and they had the bag that I wanted for twelve bucks less than the store's site AND since it's Zapoos, it's free shipping. Score! Cute blue simple backpack, here I come. Or rather, come to me.

And I just paid my PUD, even though it's not due till the 10th. I have the money now so might as well. Now I don't have to think about it for a whole month! I've been slowly getting ahead. I have KCU ping me when my balance is under a certain amount and I haven't had a ping in a while, so that feels good.

Oh so yeah, I looked at backpacks in downtown Seattle and didn't get any. At Nordstrom Rack there were some super cute Betsey Johnson sunglasses marked way down. Just my style: round, a bit too big, shiny, make me look like a cartoon character. And NR has a makeup section and man if only I could justify getting more lipstick because it was marked waaay down. Tho I got a better tinted moisturizer (also discounted, holla) because the one I've been using just...it applies weird and clogs my skin. Anyhoo, happy to have a better one! That cost the same because of mark down! Whooo!

Then, because I'm the type of lazy that hates figuring out how the bus works, I walked to Capitol Hill. And hung out in Cal Anderson park. I read, I relaxed, I looked cool in my new sunglasses, I watched people play Pokemon Go. Lots of players. Lots of people wandering in circles and going to the same spot over and over. I even chatted with one person for a bit. How nice!

Then John came home and I went over to his place (he lives two blocks from the park). We had dinner in and in the morning he made omelettes, bacon, and toast. And tea. And we watched Futurama, then he put on his Michigan State garb, because he is a sports goober for his school's team, and I put on that blue and yellow striped dress I just got at Goodwill because it matches the team colors of the Wolverines, and we went to a Michigan sports bar (apparently that's a thing???) to see them play. I was curious to see the fight song in action, and I like John's company, and he bought me fries, so I can sit and watch Football. He explained the rules and now it makes so much more sense. Still not into it, but it was pretty great to be in a crowded bar and to have everyone sing in unison when they scored, and to have two people with cowbells, and there was a dog named Louie that was very sweet. Not a bad time at all. Afterwards we got a photobooth photo strip. Yay for momentos! I like photobooths. And we played some skeeball. I was very bad at it.

Then it was ferry back home time. Goodbyes were said, and off I went. Christa picked me up, and Bodi was once again squealing because he was so happy to see me. I swung by Central Market on the way home, and got home at a not unreasonable hour.
 Then it was back to work on Sunday! Breakfast, a few room turns, a fluff. We are back off tag teaming, now that it's a bit slower. I did a bit more food shopping. Still forgot to get raisin bran.

Work again today, because that's how work works. A turn, a fluff, the powder room, and the cobwebs complete with many spiders I had to evict. Eeek.
Then back home, a nap, watched part of the debate and felt my brain liquify.

I got miso soup packets and I made udon noodles with that and an egg and some tapatio and damn I'm really getting a hang of these noodles!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

lunch date

Yikes, five days no posting??

Saturday and Sunday were pretty chill. I just hung out at home and relaxed and caught up on sleep and laundry. Ma and Pa came over and we picked apples and had tea and chats. Monday was a shorter day at work. Got things done, did fruit prep, rotated the mattress on a deep clean. Later in the day, I went to Seabeck for the night. Ma, Pa and I watched Eddie the Eagle and ate pizza. Eddie the Eagle was cute and fun. Very heartwarming.

Tuesday was great fun! Dad made hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast and tasty coffee, and we all piled in to the Prius to head to SeaTac. I had the thought that maybe since SeaTac is near where John works, that we could grab lunch if timing worked out and it did! So after the parentals were sent off, I went to the Panera in Renton and had lunch with my boyfriend. How nice!

Then I drove to Bremerton and hung out with Karen and Lily. We had good long conversations, and I read King Baby by Kate Beaton to Lily. Nice to hang with my pal, even though now she's an old married lady.

From there I went to see Tickled at the Dragonfly Theater. It's a documentary about someone looking into this Extreme Tickling Competition, and it escalates into this really bizarre story of evil people with money and the lives they destroy. It's just...really something else.
Swapped cars in Seabeck, went back to Pulali, worked today.

Little short shift with a few fluffs and a turn. Then Christa and Bodi were in town, so we met up downtown to hang out! I gave Bodi lots of pets and we sat out in the sun and caught up. Then I got a hot dog.

Half napped at home, then drew a comic. Just got my schedule, weekend after this one I have four days off in a row, I should do something fun. Then it's a bunch of rando days on and off.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Here ya go

It’s Friday! And my blog continues to update irregularly. I spoiled y’all by having so many years of daily posts.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Hmm.

So Tuesday I was a sick little me. I got sick!! But it did not incapacitate me. Instead I spent the whole day, despite taking a Claritin in the morning (which was my last one and I know I had more, so who ate all my Claritin, those things are expensive, yo!) oozing snot. Just so much snot. So much tissues. So much desperately trying to keep things clean at work. I made double sure to sanitize after myself. I was pulled from cookie making duty. Boss let me go home early. I bought more decongestant, some menthol rub, and night time cough syrup. At home I had some udon with tapatio and fish sauce and then snuggled into bed for medically assisted rest. I was out 7-9, 9-midnight, then midnight to 6 which is when my alarm went off.

I woke up feeling MUCH better. My throat was sore but my body felt fine. Hurray! Nice to not miss work.

I got there are pleasant as could be and I was on laundry. First time in a while. I got those sheets and towels out of the rooms and into the machines. I got the beds made. Got it all done. Whooo! And I went home to more noodles and rest.

The final day was pretty chill. We got all the rooms turned and fluffed in rapid speed. It’s been a bit slower so not every room has needed treatment. The cookies didn’t have the right ingredients proportioned so they didn’t turn out. I did the office. I did the floors. It was all around pretty good. Erin drank out of my mug though.

I’m going to test if I can upload my blog via a text file transferred to my phone, because my internet isn’t working again. It seems like if I can connect to Celia’s wifi and then bounce to the boosted one it’s fine, but it’s having challenges getting onto Celia’s.

Today I slept in and made a garbage run. I need to do some dishes and tidying up now. Spent maybe too long playing computer games, but I beat the Rebel Flagship in a tricky ship that I’ve barely been able to get past the second sector in! That’ s huge!


It worked like a charm! Good to know I can update via usb like this.

I will say it's very hard to insert images on my phone. Y'all better appreciate this!